Full List of Our Gym Equipment

3 EliteFTS Power Racks

2 Fray Fitness Power Racks

EliteFTS MonoLift

Elite FTS Combo Rack

3 EliteFTS Competition Bench Presses

EliteFTS Floor Press Bench

EliteFTS Incline Bench Press

3 Rogue Deadlift Platforms

2 Olympic Platforms

EliteFTS Belt Squat

Ghost Seal Row

Rogue T Bar Row

EliteFTS Back Extension

4 Flat Benches

4 Adjustable Benches

Decline Bench

Rogue GHD

Rogue Adjustable Box Squat

Texas Power Bars

Texas Squat Bars

Texas Deadlift Bars

Axle Bars

Rogue Reverse Hyper

EliteFTS Leg Press

Hip Trust Machine

Hack Squat Machine

EliteFTS Cable Crossover

EliteFTS Lat Pull Down

ProMaxima Cable Machine

EliteFTS Leg Ext/Leg Curl Combo

ProMaxima Leg Curl

Leg Extension Machine

ProMaxima Pec Deck

ProMaxima Shoulder Press

ProMaxima Lateral Raise

ProMaxima Incline Press

ProMaxima Chest Press

ProMaxima Pull Over

EliteFTS Dip Station

Multiple Specialty Bars and Barbells

2 Rogue Yokes

3 Sets Farmers Walk Handles

Kegs / Altlas Stones / Husafell Stone

EliteFTS Calf Raise

Preacher Curl

Shoulder Press Bench

2 Assault Bikes

2 Spin Bikes

Tread Climber

Punching Bads

Speed Bag

Dumbbells 5 lbs -120 lbs

Dumbbells 5 lbs – 45 lbs

Over 2000 lbs Kilo Plates

Over 7000 lbs Steel Weights

Bumper Plates

Kettle Bells

Slam Balls / Medicine Balls / Bands / Chains

Multiple Chalk Bowls / Plyo Boxes – Wood and Foam

Loadable Wheel Barrow

Multiple Sleds

Loadable Logs

Multiple Sand Bags