Olympic Weightlifting

Meet your Port Saint Lucie Olympic Weightlifting Gym needs here at the Treasure Coast Barbell Club!

Olympic Weightlifting Equipment

Weightlifting Platform & Bumper Plates

Snatch Bar​

Our Weightlifting Community

At the Treasure Coast Barbell Club, lifting isn’t just a workout – it’s a pursuit of excellence, and we’re proud to have members who’ve made Olympic Weightlifting their ultimate goal.

With a dedicated focus on technique and precision, our gym provides a haven for those aiming to excel in this sport. We offer a specialized Olympic Weightlifting platform equipped for snatches, clean and presses, and everything in between. This platform serves as the canvas for athletes to refine their form and master the art of these complex movements.

Our Olympic Weightlifting community is a tapestry of diverse individuals united by a shared commitment to lifting, learning, and growing. Join us to be a part of a collective journey towards strength, technique, and the pursuit of Olympic greatness.

Weightlifting Training

Here At Treasure Coast Barbell Club we have the equipment and the expertise to get you to your Weightlifting goals…